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In Karl Jaeger established a Hebrew printing press with types bought in Vienna. In a central synagogue was established in a magnificent building.

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There was also a Jewish hospital and home for the aged. Uzhgorod is known as one of the greenest cities in Ukraine. Best hotels in Uzhhorod There is a number of different hotels in Uzhhorod.

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Between the two world wars Uzhgorod became a center of intense Jewish national and Zionist Revisionist activities. The first book printed was M. The number of churches of such a rare shape in the world is very small. Sakura is recognized as the sights of Uzhhorod. Original wooden buildings still stand here, representing the ethnic traditions of different nations that inhabited Zakarpattia.

Other places of interest Korzo Street - a cobbled pedestrian street located in the center of Uzhhorod. It is one of the most valuable monuments of Ukrainian church architecture. There is a restaurant European and Ukrainian cuisine.

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Over time, the castle grew and turned into flourishing city, soon becoming a part of Hungarian kingdom. The trees on this alley blossom all summer. In another press was set up by M. You can also find the longest in Europe Linden Tree Alley, stretched out on both embankments. On the right bank stands the old city, which attracts the tourists with a collection of interesting historic and architectural monuments.

It is one of the best-preserved fortifications in Ukraine. Some of the outstanding rabbis of Hungary served in Uzhgorod, notably R. Lovers like to hang locks with their names on the railing of the pedestrian bridge as tokens of loyalty and strength of their relations, keys are thrown into the Uzh River. It was precisely during their reign that the castle got its current appearance.

Its main compound is a three-story Renaissance building with four corner towers. There is a wine restaurant in the basement and a terrace. Today, it grows throughout the city.

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Several pedestrian areas were created in the city so that tourists could peacefully admire its delicate architecture. Pedestrian Bridge - a popular place for walking. Following the war several hundred survivors returned to city, most of whom later went to Czechoslovakia.

You can taste the products of the most famous wineries of Transcarpathia. Its unique location and multicultural influence have made it one of the most attractive places in western Ukraine. The following four centuries it was developed by Italian aristocrats, the Drugeths counts. In late April - early May, hundreds of sakura trees blossom in the adjacent streets attracting thousands of tourists. In spring and summer, it is smothered by the lush greenery of numerous public gardens and exotic parks.

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