Vanjaram fish price in bangalore dating

Vanjaram fish price in bangalore dating

For most small scale vendors, lower petrol and diesel costs from last year didn't result in cheaper transport. With a good measure of catch likely to get diverted to Kerala, price could go up further in Chennai. The answer lies in the fact that fair pricing and lower fuel costs have still not benefited small vendors when it comes to transporting goods.

Poultry wholesalers say that they are trying to price in lower diesel costs in their pricing strategy. For small vendors like us our business is more seasonal and erratic. But the prices still remain high because exporters have swamped the market. There was the Chennai rains and even the last two days we had strong winds.

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Seer, prawns, pomfret, seabass and squid have very high export value.

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Hence, exporters and traders from Kochi have been procuring them in large quantities from Tamil Nadu fishing harbours in recent days. But after hearing the price, I settled down for sardine. Fish suppliers say that they have priced in lower diesel costs with transport. The price of seer vanjaram fish was Rs per kg in many retail shops in the city on Monday. Even though one week has gone since the day ban on fishing got over in Tamil Nadu, fish prices are ruling pretty high in the retail market.

Why fish costs sky in Chennai, cheap in Bengaluru

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Going by the market indicators, fish could continue to go off the menu for many Chennaiites at least for two more months. This is a seasonal business with multiple factors apart from diesel costs that weigh in, said K. Our regular transport guys have to pay higher salaries to cleaners and their drivers.