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You will see pictures of popular beaches of California and Hawaii during the sunset. Lesser known facts about melody queen Shreya Ghoshal. The window color is in parrot green color, which goes exceptionally well with the greenery and sun rays based theme. Protesters clash with police at rally against reforms.

Includes a beautiful, modified royalty free waterfall wallpaper, matching icons with a folder replacement, cursors and serene opening and closing music by Suzanne Ciana. Great photos, but low resolution. The window color is gray that obviously suits black and white color very well.

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Waterfall at Glecar Lough - What a beautiful site this is of a waterfall cascading over the cliffs through the lush green trees. Includes a beautiful waterfall scene, matching icons with a folder replacement, custom cursors and beautiful new age and waterfall sound effects for opening and closing sounds. Published by Microsoft Corporation. Arizona Hidden Stream - Theme of a wonderful waterfall in a stream of sparkling water hidden away in the rocks of Arizona. Belgium's incredible edibles.

You will gain access to beautiful imagery from every corner of Queensland taken by photographer Tracie Louise. There are images of, birds, insects, sun rays over river banks, plants and meadows. On a dual monitor, the wallpapers will auto adjust according to the resolutions of both monitors. Report this app to Microsoft.

Never miss a trending photo Like us on Facebook. The Sarawak Chamber is the world's biggest cave chamber.

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Stunning pictures of the south siren Kajal Aggarwal. Stunning photoshoots of Manvitha Kamath hints at her Bollywood debut.

The window color is light blue giving a mesmerizing touch to all the birds wallpapers. Anarkali Marikar gets trolled for her swimsuit photo. Music by Johnny Mathis, Wonderful. Cool off among the shaded trees. Forest Fae - In a flowery forest glade, beside a tumbling waterfall, ethereal beings float gently through the air.

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You can download hundreds of themes right from the official Microsoft website for free! Twilight and Starlight panoramic theme This theme is a combination of different types of themes in a single bundle. The window color is standard blue like many other themes, but still it goes well with some shadow based marble themes. Kourtney Kardashian raises temperatures with her bold pictures. Ethereal Waters - Come relax by a cooling waterfall in the summers heat!

Punjabi actress Kanika Mann takes it as a compliment when being compared to Alia Bhatt. Malaika Arora turns a water baby. It also contains some body parts of birds, like peacock feathers, so not all of the wallpapers are just plain pictures of birds.

Alongside the riverbanks there is an abundance of wildlife. Beach Sunsets theme As the name suggests, this theme contains wallpapers of sunset over different beaches. The theme is a combination of nature and wildlife, which are somehow connected to the early morning. Hope you have a very lovable Valentines Day, Wally.

Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. There is a small cabin where you can change into your trunks or bathing suit. Music by Bobby Vinton, Sunrise Sunset.

Frozen Waterfall - This is a great picture you should love of a waterfall that has frozen in the ice cold winter air. After a successful journey on social media, Bhumika Tiwari is looking to enter in Bollywood. Also includes matching icons with a folder replacement, custom cursors with waterfall anis and a matching, self install water illusions screen saver along with soft new age music by Yanni. Its surrounded by colorful spring flowers and trees. Try these budget-friendly spots across the country.

Neha Kakkar gets brutally trolled for her outfit as she steps out in style. Italia Toochi Kash, an American model reigns over the men's magazine covers. This river has a length of kilometers and stretches through half of Eastern Sabah. During a river cruise you will have a chance to spot the rare orangutan, the pygmy elephant, proboscis monkeys and saltwater crocodiles.

Sepilok rehabilitation centre is one of the biggest and most well known orangutan sanctuaries in Malaysia. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

Sunrise Beach - This is a breath taking painting by artist Steven Sundram. Castles and cobbles in the Bavarian Alps The romantic region's most popular sights include the fairy-tale Neuschwanstein Castle and the wood-carving capital of Oberammergau. Any questions about individual screensavers should be addressed to the authors directly. Temurun Waterfall at Langkawi Island.

Bridal Veil Winter - This beautiful picture is of a waterfall flowing over the cliffs at Bridal Veil. This particular waterfall named Temurun can be found in close proximity of Datai Beach, in the northern part of the island.

Wallpapers consist of images of Beach, fields, stalker shadow of chernobyl german rivers and waterfalls. Beside the splendid waterfall at the Seven Wells in the northwestern part of the island Langkawi there are also some other beautiful waterfalls in the same region. Springtime Waterfalls - Wonderful Art with several waterfalls flowing down the hillside.

Alluring pictures of Himanshi Khurana. Whether it's a small business or a venture-backed startup, these credit cards can help your enterprise's bottom line. This waterfall is on Mt Rainer in the state of Washington. The theme is a combination of both light and dark wallpapers, so you can easily choose the one according to your need. Does attraction make light of Princess Diana's death?