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Kurishuchumanneedunnu Lokathin Vinakal chumannedunnu. We have absolute confidence that you can bring your people together, we give you absolute permission to move. Publication date Topics Kurisil marichavane, Meditation. Prayer Lord, Your suffering is over.

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Prayer O Mary, mother of Jesus, your grief was so great, being a helpless witness to the savage way your Son was put to death. The purpose of this devotion is to focus on the Passion of Jesus Christ. It was for our sins that You were condemned to die. Still burdened with his cross, and wounded yet more by his fall, Jesus proceeds on His way.

Syro Malabar Church Way Of Cross Malayalam With Audio and Text

Prayer O Jesus, we devoutly embrace your saving cross, on which you died so that we may have eternal life. Jesus has almost arrived at the summit of Calvary, but before he reaches the spot where he is to be crucified, his strength again fails Him, and he falls the third time. The Way of the Cross Pictures.

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When you listen this remember Lord Jesus, who suffered all for our test. What must have been the compassion of that Son for his holy mother! Heavenly Father, we have contemplated your Son, Jesus, on his Way of the Cross, in his Spirit which you have gifted to us. Oh, grant that we may detest our sins from the bottom of our hearts, and obtain your mercy and pardon by repentance.

He is met by his loving mother. Help us by your intercession to be like your son Jesus. The multitudes have left the hill of Calvary.

Journeying through the way of the Cross He led, teach us and. As the strength of Jesus fails, and he is unable to proceed, the executioners seize and compel Simon of Cyrene to carry His cross. Help us to understand that the sufferings of our life are the continuation of Your passion. Prayer O Jesus, who did fall a second time beneath the load of our sins and of your suffering for our sins, how often have we grieved you by our repeated falls into sin!

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus take down the body of Jesus from the cross and place him in the arms of his afflicted mother. They strip Him of His garments and mock Him.

App will automatically select day and mysteries. We thank You for the joy of this vision of faith. Jesus loved the Cross so deeply because His Cross was our sins, afflictions, pains and burdens. Lord, Your suffering is over.

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Naadha Nin Kurishu Thaaghan Kaivanna. His blood has run in streams down his body, and onto the ground. There is no one except the beloved disciple of Jesus and the holy women with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Stations of the cross saint faustina s way of the cross. With divine dignity and forgiveness, he lets himself be nailed to the cross.

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We hail your cross, and lovingly accept our own. During the way of the Cross, a to z telugu mp4 videos we often move physically around a set of stations. We accept our way of the cross.

Kurisinte Vazhi Malayalam Part1

What a meeting must have that been! As a reward for her piety, the impression of His sacred countenance is miraculously imprinted upon the handkerchief.

Syro Malabar Church Way Of Cross Malayalam With Audio and Text


Make us hate our sins and kindle in our hearts, more fervent love for You. Dhaivame nin thiru vajanangal. Jesus at last arrives at Golgotha and they prepare to crucify Him. He bows his head and gives up his Spirit to God.

Old version christian devotional songs. Prayer O Jesus, by the compassion which You did feel for You Mother, have compassion on us, and give us a share in her intercession. Vairikal Vazhu Varunentte Chuttilum. Sin, death and hell have been conquered. Vijayam Virinju Pongum Jeevante.

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All Christian Songs is provided for Spiritual and Devotional purposes only. Malayalam Christian Devotional Songs. The way of the Cross - Fr Abel.

Malayslam Pray To Virgin Mary? Prayer O Jesus, we entreat you by the merit of this your third and most painful fall, to pardon our frequent relapses and our long continuance in sin. The cross is laid upon the ground and Jesus is stretched upon His bed of death. Prayer O Jesus, may the contemplation of your sufferings move us with deep compassion. Praying the Holy Rosary is one of the Catholic Church's most popular devotions.

Malayalam Christian Songs. Old Collection of Christian Devotional songs. His mission of love has been accomplished. Prayer O Jesus, we mourn and will always mourn for you and for ourselves, for your sufferings and for our sins which caused them.

Prayer O Jesus, nailed to the cross, fasten our hearts to the cross, so that we may be united with you until we yield up our souls to you. Newer Post Older Post Home. Moonunal Malsyathin Ullil Kazhinjoru. The disciples take the body of her dear beloved Son Jesus from his mother, and place it in the tomb.