Who is eddie judge that tamra barney dating

Who is eddie judge that tamra barney dating

Simply, Tamara gave up the custody battle officially, and Simon was more than happy with her decision. He describes himself as a fitness expert and celebrity trainer. By nationality, he is an American. They thought it was a great storyline for the show and would urge the two to develop chemistry.

Later, they bonded soon and steered their relationship to a boyfriend-girlfriend one in short time. In fact, they didn't have to go to a court. Another wiki on his professional life can be accessed via various sources over the media.

It was when Sydney moved on to her father house claiming her mother had de-motivating behavior. And, Eddie was portrayed as a successful lawyer who dealt mostly in real states through his dad company. Tamra was on the show for many seasons.

Now, there are two theories regarding the custody abandonment. At that time, Tamara was still married to her ex-husband but she was in the middle of a separation.

During his days in college, Eddie studied business administration. You are my rock, the love of my life. Before he had the ability to open his own ventures and businesses, he managed a law firm that was owned by his father. The team wanted their meeting to tune up to a believable dating story. Thus, this brings us to how they first met.

Despite the different career choices, the couple is happy with each other, and they have already celebrated their third anniversary together. One theory suggests that Tamara intentionally gave up the custody because she knew she would have lost if she had gone to a court because of her wild and fierce image build up by the show. According to his sister Shalimar, he was born and bred by his grandmother till his teenage. On the other hand, the next theory is pro- Tamara theory which supports Tamara's claim that she didn't file for the custody because Sydney didn't want her too. He was lucky that he had a job coming out of college.

Now we will let you know all about her Loving husband, Eddie Judge. On the show, Eddie was introduce to Tamara. Tamara's take on this matter was that Sydney shouldn't think the whole situation as something like a particular case. You should know about Tamra too.

Another wiki on his professional life

The reason for their divorce is still unknown. The name of the law firm was The Judge Law Firm. The story about how they met.

In fact they didn't have to

By ethnicity, Eddie is a Mexican. The sad part of the whole story comes again from his sister disclosure. Career He had employment business administration but he also ventured in fitness industry later in his life. Talking about what he did before the having the gym, Eddie was managing the law reputed law firm of his father namely the Judge Law Firm. The Judge family were fortunate that they had a really catchy name for a law firm and it seemed to have an authoritative tone for potential clients.

Later they bonded

His education provided him with a lot of knowledge and confidence to apply the concepts he learned into the real world. According to Eddie's sister mind-blowing allegations, Eddie and Tamara first official meeting was staged by the team of Real Housewives of Orange County.

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Just go through the texts, and you will find out how they couldn't withstand each other. The production team of the show really wanted Eddie and Tamara to form a relationship. There was nothing left for her in her broken relationship, she needed to find peace and move on.