Wow installer stuck at updating tools

Wow installer stuck at updating tools

Update to Visual Studio Release Candidate

Sometimes the launcher will crash while you are updating the files. Just go to the task manager, kill agent. Is not a stable or finished product. Most of my conversations just today have been with our engineering team to discuss how we can address feedback faster and more efficiently. Let's see if somebody was able to fix this, otherweise we're going to have to reinstall the game.

Of course not everything

If the progress bar is stuck, try it a few more times. This fixed everything for me.

Make your decision on what user requests are really turned into features transparent. Delete the BitRaider, Movie and Asset folders then start the launcher.

When you report an issue, it gives us a glimpse into what gaps and cracks exist. It was released in and is now replaced by Visual Basic. The biggest challenge we have is being able to anticipate how customers will use the product in reality so that we can test as thoroughly as possible. There are many popular request not getting any attention for severeal years.

Originally Posted by Codevine What. Stop complaining, and do not use it until you feel its really stable. Dissapointment on virtually every step. The important thing was to meet the anniversary date to match the launch.

This might not be necesseary, but do it anyway. So finally I completely wiped the game off my computer, every trace of it. Because you had to, It was decided way above you. It does so many things different and some things better than WoW. We are learning together so the more I can collaborate with Microsoft, get fast feedback, and iterate, the better the result will be on both sides.

If you do not wish to follow this link, simply close this message. This is the most important step. We Devs have a very good antennas for such things. Also, there a parts of the product to be available in May or later.

Feel exactly theIf the progress bar

If you can't delete it you have to open the Task Manager and kill the Agent. If you would like to see these reports or anything else let me know. The name of the program crashing is the svchost. We others would like to here the arguments. If you don't have Movie or Asset folders, don't worry about it, just delete BitRaider and restart the launcher.

It's weird I believe

It's weird, I believe there doesn't even have to be a patch in order to break it. Feel exactly the same about V ery S low. Of course not everything will ship perfectly right away, but the responsiveness if much appreciated.