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Thus began the second iteration of the Wars of Secession, more widespread and ruinous than any that had come before. And so, when the C'tan finally won their great war, their triumph proved short-lived. For the Old Ones, this was the final disaster as the Enslavers took control of their servants. Yet the Silent King knew not the C'tan's true nature, and instead granted the creature an audience.

The C'tan were dispersed across areas larger than whole planets, their consciousnesses too vast for humanoids to comprehend. Ultimately, beset by the implacable onset of the C'tan and the calamitous Warp-spawned perils they had themselves mistakenly unleashed, the Old Ones were defeated, scattered and finally destroyed.

The Old Ones had spread their spawn to many places in the galaxy, but they also knew that all life was precious. They had been purged of so much of what had made them unique individuals.

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The last planetary bastions of the Old Ones were besieged and the intelligent races they had once nurtured became cattle for the obscene hunger of the C'tan. We advise you not to mistake honourable warning for lack of resolve. For long months he debated the matter with the other two Phaerons of the Triarch and the nobles of his Royal Court. The Silent King's Betrayal Throughout the final stages of the War in Heaven, Szarekh bided his time, waiting for the moment in which the C'tan would prove vulnerable. Life had stood at the edge of an apocalypse during the War in Heaven between the Old Ones and the C'tan.

The maelstrom of souls unleashed into the Immaterium by the carnage of the War in Heaven coalesced in the previously formless energies of the Warp. In the course of the C'tan's struggle against one another, destruction on a colossal scale was unleashed. Yet though the price had been steep, biotransference had fulfilled all of the promises that the C'tan had made. In their arrogance, the C'tan did not realise their danger until it was too late. But the C'tan had another gift for their mortal subjects.

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As Szarekh watched the C'tan feast on the life essence of his people, he realised the terrible depth of his mistake. The Enslaver Plague The denizens of the Warp clustered voraciously at the cracks between the Immaterium and the material universe, seeking new ways to enter the physical realm. As their territory grew ever wider and more diverse, the unity that had made them strong was eroded, and bitter wars were waged as entire realms fought to win independence.